Time for some resolutions (counting down, but in no particular order):

13. Rediscover. Go through your life and count all the gems and treasures you have.

12. Choose Happiness. "Most people are as happy as they chose to be."

11. Learn some new stuff. You don't know everything (really, you don't know ANYTHING!)

10. Imagine the best for yourself and everyone. Let go of any images and ideas that no longer serve.

9. Set higher goals and at the same time, live in the wonder of the the present moment. It's SO easy to 'drive the bus 90' and not enjoy the scenery.

8. Spend more time with friends in the real world. Get together with some of those Facebook friends that you like so much (you know who you are...)

7. Be disciplined and spontaneous. Meet your goals with great ease and comfort.

6. Help people. Get more involved with the things you care about. Give more time and money.

5. Eat better. Exercise more. Start a new partner sport.

4. Get my affairs in order. Take care of  business ... (we all have that old list that keeps getting carried over from year to year...) Start today with one thing.

3. Show your appreciation more. Tell the people in your life how much you value them.

2. Shake it up. Rearrange things so that you can get out of some old ruts.

1. Be grateful and happy. Gratitude IS happiness.