These are photographs, circa '79-80, from my class assignments when I studied photography at The Glassell School in Houston. I was very influenced by Guy Bourdin & Helmut Newton at the time, which perplexed my teachers... they didn't know what to make of this work. Years later, neither do I... After one class, I remember, I went over the CAM (The Contemporary Arts Museum) across the street to hear a talk by a young photographer who was showing her work there for the first time. After the talk, I asked if I could photograph her outside... her work had to do with self-portraits. I shot a black and white roll of 36 on her for about 15-20 minutes. She was really nice but quiet and kind of shy. It wasn't my camera and I wasn't really sure of aperture settings and they came out all over-exposed. The photographer was Cindy Sherman... you'll have to take my word for it, no photographic proof.

Trey Speegle, Untitled-5, 1979, 8 X 10%22 unique print.jpg.jpg