Spent a few hours making drawing for #withyou at Benetton and then hit Scope, which is now on the beach next to Untitled, for about an hour an a half. There were great works and some of my friends were exhibiting so, I don’t want to put it down but Scope has never been my taste, just in general. But we ran into friends and chatted while sipping Bacardi. The theme that develops here is the human figure and friends, which is pretty general I know but it’s a connector. We headed to Mark Dean’s new gallery space, Dean Project on Lincoln Road to see Brian Drury’s show (all pre-sold) “Supernaural: Religious, Theological and Spiritual leader series” Incredible technique. Then, it was off to The Colony Theatre to see the premiere of the new documentary on Nan Goldin, “I Remember Your Face.” She never ceases to amaze me. The film is wonderful and I have to admit I burst into tears seeing the shot of Cookie Mueller in her coffin. My pal, artist Beatricia Sagar is in a famous Nan shot, “Bea with a Blue Drink” that they flashed on in the film and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I wish Bea was here tonight.’ Exiting after the Q & A, who do I run into? Bea! We both wanted to say hi to Nan but she didn’t come into the lobby, but Beatricia went around to the side of the theater to say hi and got a picture Love those two! Then Michael, Zach, Juan Carlos and I went to the South Seas for Jack Shainman‘s annual poolside shindig where we ran into loads of pals, including the every-charming Nick Cave. Then we cabbed it up Collins to SoHo Beach House for our third beach side event of the night in the tent. They erect it every year and it’s always so much fun to be right ON the sand, 15 feet from the surf, sitting in loungers with your friends having cocktails by the ocean. Nice. Michael Pollack is a great friend and we’ve shared more than a few Art Basel nights together) I flashed on New York City and the ice storm headed that way and suddenly got a chill. It was a very cute crowd – hipster central casting, but in a GOOD way. On the way out, we ran into Wowie nominee Bradford Shellhammer and his newly arrived husband Georgi, along with bike entrepreneur, Lorenzo Martone. A nightcap for us 4 at Twist and before you knew it, it was 4:30 and Juan Carlos went straight to the airport without sleeping, to fly back to that ice storm and cold, Christmas-y NYC.

top, Peter Gronquist installation at Scope

Scope tent, from Brian Drury’s “Supernaural” at Dean Project, Scope tent, two views of Richard DuPont’s distorted man, Saya Woolfalk’s “No Place”, Nick Cave poolside at the South Seas, Nan Goldin’s ‘Bea with Blue Drink’ circa ’84, Nan & Bea after the premiere of “I Remember Your Face”

With my friend collector Michael Pollack on the beach at SoHo Beach House tent scene & Bradford Shellhammer and Lorenzo Martone