On May 1st of 2013, I launched my online store, THE RePOP SHOP. The name has a long history and comes from my exhibit in Houston, called RePOP 1981. It was a Warholian take on my hometown at a young age.

The year before, I met and befriended Keith Haring, who at the time was a bus boy at a nightclub called Danceteria and would later become world-famous, and open The Pop Shop, his own retail outlet in New York City, really unheard of, at the time for an artist.

Two years ago, inside of my exhibit at Benrimon Contemporary, I had a pop-up store, called... you guessed it, THE RePOP SHOP... meaning both regarding and also "re", as in, again.

It's become more and more important to me for my work to reach a wider audience. The inspiration, vintage paint by number, has such a broad appeal that it virtually represents the very idea of making art, so this aspect of the work is as much conceptual as it is commercial.

Now, I look at different outlets; galleries, art fairs, retail, online... as different "message delivery systems" with diverse audiences. Hence, the continued collaborations (Trey Speegle xFab, later this year!) and this 2013 online version of THE RePOP SHOP.

You are now free to go shopping.

The invitation to REPOP 1981 with the four faces of legendary newscaster, Marvin Zindler's transformation

The other luminaries in the show. Carolyn Farb's chauffeur bought her the piece from that show. We later met in New York and became friends.

Trey Speegle, Gold Carolyn, 1982

THE RePOP SHOP inside my exhibit, It's Not About You, Benrimon Contemporary, 514 West 24th Street, New York City, 2011