For Munich’s public art project A Space Called Public, artist nominee David Shrigley has been invited to create “outdoor artistic interventions” within the city. And so, Shrigley is creating a shrine to Michael Jackson’s beloved pet monkey Bubbles.

The proposed shrine will sit not far from an existing monument to the “King of Pop.” Shrigley eloquently explains that this not a joke, but rather commentary on why shrines and monuments are built for people in general.

"It will essentially mimic the Michael Jackson shrine with fan art I’ve found on the Internet or bought through eBay and garage sales. And there is some information about the sanctuary. The idea is that perhaps people will feel obliged to help. We’ve been thinking of making a t-shirt or I might make an artwork to auction off with the proceeds going towards his care. Ultimately, I think it would be great to encourage the Michael Jackson fans to honor his memory by correcting this grave oversight that he made.

Whilst obviously being ironic the piece is not intended as a criticism of those who have created the MJ shrine, but rather to raise awareness of Bubbles’ plight and hopefully to raise some funds for his future care in light of the fact that Michael Jackson neglected to make provision for him.

How can you help build a shrine to possibly the greatest pet monkey of all time? Since only the best shrines contain tons of fan art and ephemera, the artist is inviting you to send anything you want to be included in the monument, whether it be physical or digital. The only guideline: 'Weird is OK but nothing offensive please.'" -David Shrigley

Email digital files; 300 dpi jpeg to: and cc Send objects and ephemera to “A Space Called Public” / c/o Friendsfactory / Brienner Straße 11 / D-80333 München 


David Shrigley in front of his work "Bubblesplatz" at the Promenadeplatz ( photo Leonie Felle)


Bubbles today at 27 in a Florida animal sanctuary. It costs around $20,000 a year to take care of him, but Jackson make no provision for Bubbles in his will.