This month’s Wired magazine features artist (and hot nerd) Casey Neistat’s Lower Manhattan studio, which is one of the most OCD-fied, organized and customized, mind-boggling, gear-head HEAVEN places you’ve ever seen.  For more pics and story go to Wired, one of my fave sites, and check out Casey’s videos on YouTube. The one on texting is funny and should be taken to heart, folks. (Photos: François Dischinger)

Neistat hangs above a plywood false floor that sits 21 inches above the real one, creating a handy space for stowing gear. Essential items like tripods are kept up front under a hatch.  (Photos: François Dischinger)

Neistat uses iMovie HD 6, the last version before Apple overhauled it and, in his opinion, screwed it up. But his keyboard is labeled with shortcuts for Final Cut Pro. Why keep it? “I like the colors.” (Photo: François Dischinger)