Less well-known here as a power couple, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and husband, former ad exec and art patron Charles Saatchi, are often chum in London’s tabloid waters. Their marriage exploded recently when Charles was photographed choking Nigella in a London restaurant. The world came to Nigella’s defense, naturally, and the press went after Charles. Just the other day Charles told London’s Daily Mail, “I am sorry to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting divorced. I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way.” Charles is infamous for, among other things, funding Damien Hirst’s first shark tank, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, and just the other day I posted some images from the Tumblr, Great Art in Ugly Rooms. I was trying to find a fitting image to sum up their union and break-up, and this one popped into my mind. Draw your own conclusions but, in this church, I think it’s the perfect metaphor for these two. (Photo: Great Art In Ugly Rooms)


Photo: Great Art In Ugly Rooms