These one-of-a-kind pieces were given to Françoise Gilot, the mother of two of Picasso’s children, Claude and Paloma. Gilot later passed down the pieces to Carole Mallory, the model, actress, and author who was engaged to Claude in the 1960s. In “Life With Picasso,” Gilot describes how Picasso, with the help of Dr. Chatagnier, a dentist, made gold and silver jewelry through the lost wax process. “In all Pablo made about 10 necklaces… I thought they were all very nice except one, a rather heavy head of a satyr, in silver.” As it turned out, that satyr pendant (pictured below, left) fetched the most. $153,000. A round silver “sun” pendant brought in $141,000, while this silver brooch, with a drawing of Claude sold for $92,250.