Let the countdowns begin. Best? Worst? Most Dressed? Call it what you want.  She was mostly quiet for the first six months of 2013 – but the relentless promotion of ArtPop started in full force during the summer. Here are 42 outfits that the Lady showed off, uh, UP in – but I feel pretty sure she wore 10 times as many looks in 360 days. This gives you a pretty good idea of her sartorial range, though. While I DO appreciate the effort and there are really more than a few winners, I have to say, overall, it lacks a bit of glue to hold it together as a "fashion sensibility" – it's more like a Crazy Lady retrospective. I suppose the intent is to say, "I'm whatever you want me to be", but I wonder, where is real Stephanie Germanota? Somewhere behind closed doors, watching E! in sweatpants and eating a (veggie?) burger, maybe? Keep it coming – it's nothing if not entertaining. (Photos, Pacific Coast News)