Oh, my aching head. If I sound like someone complaining about something being too fabulous, I apologize but I have to let you know, there is nothing quite like Art Basel Miami’s deluge of events and parties. Onslaught is a good word. Like eating too much cake, and being happy while you’re feeling kinda queasy. I spent Sunday and Monday getting ready for my Benetton party #withyou. Can I tell you that those Italians are SO nice! Everyone was very gracious and kind, installing my work and generally just doing their jobs like professionals. Made my part easier – the stress I felt was more self imposed. It all came off well, my friends showed up, the cocktails and food by Art Conductor were great. I did drawing live, as did the guests and I even did a fews drawings directly on the models (who were SO cute but honestly, I have shoes that are older. Babies.) Look at their new collection it’s very chic and affordable, btw, they gave me a great new jacket to wear (shameless product placement – I don’t care. It’s NICE.) At the same time, a few blocks away on the beach, Marina Abramović (below, with Val Kilmer) was doing a benefit for her foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation at Untitled art fair on the beach. Guests got limited-edition prints that will be available for sale at the Untitled Art Fair this week. Proceeds from the print will benefit both organizations. After that was all done my good pal and former Art Basel mate, Michael Pollack and I went to SoHo House for a late dinner. By chance we met Toronto gallerist Georgia Sherman and her cute assistant Christopher, who are exhibiting at Untitled art fair as well and had we all had a fun dinner upstairs in the indoor/ outdoor lounge. On one side of us was the world’s richest artist, Damien Hirst holding court and on the other side, one of the world’s most beautiful women, Cindy Crawford with husband Randy Gerber, in a room otherwise filled assorted stylish hipsters from around the art world. My friend, artist Kenneth Pietrobono, Struth Magers gallery director Andreas Gegner & David Vincent (l to r, above at my party) showed up too. Afterward, we went to the all-night gay bar Twist, where all roads lead after hours. (More on that venue later) It was a nice way to cap off a fun day. Now, if I can just get 6 hours sleep – in a row – I’ll get some brain cells back. (All photos: World Red Eye)

Top, left to right, with Benetton’s CEO Ari Hoffman and Communication’s VP Carlos Tunioli in front of my #withyou made for the event, drawing live, my work in the window. Bottom center; Converge gallery’s Casey Cleghorn with his drawing outside, trays I made for the event and my little RePop Shop set-up)