The day started with my friend Juan Carlos Molina arriving early. The morning disappeared with email, phone calls and recovery from the night before. After a late lunch got to Art Miami‘s VIP Preview. Mark Dean’s Dean Project had an impressive booth that I am thrilled to be some small part off (full-discosure, I was dropping off my work AS the event unfolded – long story) So, I ran through the fair fast (I’ll come back and do a good look) and we were now early for the Visioniare party at the National Young Arts Foundationheadquarters which is in the old Bacardi building compound. We met up with my pals Min Sanchez and her artist husband, Swampspace instigator Oliver Sanchez who invited us are involved with Young Arts. The 5-minute 3D screening of “Portrait of Marina Abramovic” by Matthu Placek, was limited to about 30 people and was shown inside the iconic stained glass tower was very short. Good. We were sitting on tree stumps – but honestly, the setting and minimalist nature of it made it really indelible to me. Loved it. As Oliver said jokingly afterward; “I am forever changed.” We hung out a bit and had a couple of Bacardi cocktails and then headed over to the M Building in Wynwood where The Savannah College of Art and Design was presenting ‘CURVA,’ a solo exhibition of recent works by Wendy White. The 12,000 square foot event space is amazing and was restored by architect Chad Oppenheim. Great exhibit. Meanwhile, we were supposed to be meeting Michael Pollack and his boyfriend Zach for a party at SoHo House but because dinner was not planned we missed the White Cube poolside after party for Tracy Emin with more fabulousness. Oh, you can’t do EVERYTHING. So, we had a late dinner (11!) and then stopped off for a nightcap at, where else? Twist. 

(Photos: Brett Murray’s Promises at Dean Project, Art Miami, Visionaire at Young Arts, fuzzy Marina Abramovic in 3D, The M Building and Min and I in “Art on Ice”)